Making art is not really a choice. It´s like a natural need to let my soul create, imagine and see things come into life. Something inside of me is always looking for an outlet, new expression and to tell a story.

I am a Swedish artist who love to explore new arenas and materials in my painting and incorporate it in my art.  The main reason I paint is because it truly frees me - diving into it I let go of everything occupying my being and just get into the flow of paints and visions coming alive on the canvas.

My artwork is all about colour that take on a different life either in landscape, portraits or abstract fluid painting/ pouring art. Mostly made of acrylics, mediums, inks and resin on canvas and wood. I am constantly creating new paintings throughout the year and release them individually. This will be well advertised before on my Instagram Innalaart

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My art is also represented at Konst2 and Konst.se.

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Jeane tte Innala 


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I have the privilege to own four paintings from Innala Art painted by Jeanette Innala. All four paintings have spoken to my heart and my soul, they have found me and I have immediately felt that these are "my paintings". I love these creations and they magically compliment my and my family's home. THANK YOU Jeanette for your magic creations - they come from one heart to another.


"I have a very special painting called" the first dive ", I just love it. So grateful to have it in my home. The great thing about Jeanette's paintings is that they speak to one and convey messages".


"Jeanette has the ability to convey something that touches you in her art. I had a hard time choosing a painting- everyone spoke to me in different way. The board I finally chose is amazing. Looks something new in it every day. I am so incredibly grateful that I just have it hanging on my wall. What a gift "


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Innala Art - Artist Jeanette Innala

Lillefredsvägen 10-2, Nyhamnsläge Sweden

innalaart@gmail.com  |  Mob +46 768 87 17 76

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