Jeanette Innala (pronounced Cha-net Inn-a –la) is an abstract and figurative painter whose soulful approach

to art as well as inner and outer evolvement has touched hearts all over the world.

Growing up in an artist family in the northern Sweden, with her dad being a woodcraftsman as well as oil and watercolour painter, creativity was a strong influence from an early age. An influence that still inspire Jeanette to explore a diversity of artistic expressions to find new ways of developing herself and her art.



Her interest in the mystic, legends, myth and history as well as symbolism and metaphor, in all its magic and colour, has inspired her since early on and underlined her view that human beings are born symbol-makers. Seeing art as the soul's language of choice, a universal language, since beginning of time and creativity as a way of embracing, healing and engaging in life.


The intention behind her art

For Jeanette painting is a bridge between everyday magic, our senses and the universal spirit. She sees art as a vehicle of discovery that can reveal, disclose, open up the world we live in and let us discover insights into who we are in unique ways. Her painting practise involves a surrendering and an openness to inspiration, and leads her to a deep engagement with mystery. Practicing her ability to let go and channel her vision into her painting.

“Art comes from the heart and speaks to the heart. And every painting asks something of the receiver: Do you see something within me that’s speaks to something within you?

What you see and feel in a painting and what the receiver feels can be totally different. And my art seems to find its way to the one in need of it. Some see healing, others love or something symbolic and it speaks to them. That connection is true and cannot be mistaken. It´s like love at first sight. Thats one of my favorite moments when I see that connection”.

Painting practise 

Painting is a very physical process that immerses me as a painter in the gift of the senses - of intuition, colour, shape, sound, and texture. The end result being so much more than the materials combined” she explains. I receive pictures or ideas of what to paint. Every painting brings something new into being. I can lose myself while painting and find myself in what turns up in the canvas”.

Jeanette works with abstract-, landscape- and figurative painting mainly with acrylic paints, inks, medium and mixed media on canvas, plexi or wood. Usually her art inspiration in comes to her in a series of paintings. She constantly explores new arenas and materials in her painting before incorporating it into her art. Her artwork is mainly created in her studio at home except for her larger pieces for which she uses a larger studio nearby.


Future plans

During the spring of 2019 her curiosity for mixing and testing mixing colours and mediums gave birth to a new collection of "Alchemy". A unique technique based on inks and mediums that brings out the colour and energy in her artwork.

At the present she is preparing for her upcoming art exhibitions in the fall and are working on some new inspiring pieces for entry to several juried art shows.

Jeanette lives with her family in Skåne, a lush, creative and beachy region, in the southern Sweden where she blends her artistic life with being a soulful guide to people and companies ready for change.

Jeanette Innalas work sells all over the world.  She feels fortunate to be able to inspire people with her art and happy that her art has found new homes around the globe.  


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